Monday, August 01, 2005

Now that i'm confronted with this blank space I have absolutely nothing of value to say, except that today is a do over, as defined by a day that has gone so tragically bad, or even worse, has been so incredibly uneventful that it's a non-starter. One of those where you might be motivated when you turned off the alarm, perhaps even still raring to go in the shower. But then something starts to happen over the corn flakes and coffee...a creep of "maybe I should just dial it in..." Yet, because you're programmed at some deep, unthinking level to go out the door and get on the subway, you go. On the subway, you bob along with all the others that have white buds and wires hanging from their ears; feels good...ah the Manhattan Bridge, the skyline, the tugboats. Yes. NY is Great! Today will be Fine! Huh, what's this? An article about prisoner abuse in GITMO? That's depressing. Another one about how Bush circumvented the division of powers again? Enthusiasm sapping away. Too late to jump out and get on a train going back home? Too much work.

Get off at Bryant Park. Beautiful. I can do this. Walk to the office. Say hello to our ancient, delinquent door man. Actually, not so much "hello" as "hey, all right, ok" from him. Good times. And the elevator. And yes they took out the trash last night. Must hold breath. Seven floors can do. But of course, crazy lady from 5th floor gets on right before the doors close. You look at her. She's a bit troll-like, but nice enough. But crazy. You wonder whatever happenned to those chocolate candies from the raffle; the ones that she said would be so good and the purchase of which would contribute to the good works of her temple. Did she just forget? Is she a cheat? No. Just crazy.

Get off the elevator. A/C buzzing. It's freezing, which feels great. Sit down, boot up, and....

HOW!! Do you do this blog thing???

hey caller can you please please do some research to find out how we can start a blog.